william's english conversation class
mito, ibaraki  (029) 305 4421


My wife and I started our school in 1998. We have classrooms in Kasahara and Hirasu, Mito.

We also teach at two local kindergartens and a nursery
We have classes for:

*  6-12 year olds,
*  junior / senior high school students,
*  young adults and senior citizens.

From April 2020 we started online classes for children and adults. If you would like to try a demonstration lesson please contact us.
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** Our normal classroom lessons in Kasahara and Hirasu will resume from June 1st.

classes for april 2020

new classes starting in
1st-3rd yr. elem.
tues.  16:30 - 17:30
sat.  12:15 - 13:15

high school class
tues.  19:50 - 20:50

48 classes per year

group lessons
60 mins. x4
¥6,000  per month

private lessons
60 mins. x4
¥24,000 per month

joining charge / free