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texts for children
kindergarten age

Designed for young children learning English for the first time. The storyline follows a group of characters in everyday situations. The text includes many chants, songs, games and optional craft activities. We use it to ease youngsters into the world of English.

elementary school age

SuperTots 3 -  Finding Out 1~5

A child who understands the connection between the letters of the alphabet, the sounds associated with them, and the way these change when letters are combined, is able to read and write with growing confidence. A solid phonics base is established right from the start of the New Finding Out series. New language is presented as a puzzle, and children are encouraged to ask questions to solve these puzzles. 

The use of games, songs, chants, stories and role plays allow children to play with English. This process of exploration helps children internalise the language rather than memorise parts of it by rote. Written work in every class helps this process. It also provides a means by which teachers and parents can monitor progress.
In addition to much loved story books familiar to native speakers, we have a growing library of graded readers designed to strengthen and develop the reading skills of EFL students. The Oxford Story Tree series ** has proved to be very popular, but we start our students on  the Follifoot Farm (previously Jelly and Bean) books from Britain, and have over 90 titles in the series.

From the Follifoot site:

“The first Jelly and Bean books were published in March 2000 and since then, Jelly and Bean, as a publishing company, has enjoyed tremendous success. The demand for the books has gone from strength to strength and more than 650,000 have now been sold worldwide. The phonic progression of the books also turned out to be almost compatible with the phases of phonic progression described in the UK government's 2007 publication Letters and Sounds. More than 3000 schools in England invested in the books.”

Providing opportunities for students to read to either Will or Motoko on a one to one basis allows children to progress at their own pace.

Our aim is to nurture curiosity about English and help students develop skills to satisfy that desire.
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